Mediation Costs

Mediation Costs

The Costs of mediation should not be prohibitive. 

What is Included

Mediation Session 

The Fee is a composite fee for a 5 hour Mediation Session. This includes preparation of up to 3 hours.

Venue Hire

We will normally arrange, by agreement, a suitable venue. Mediation requires up to 3 separate rooms to facilitate private sessions and Joint Meetings. The cost of the venue will be confirmed.

We estimate the cost for venue hire will be £300.


Mediation Session

(5 Hours Mediation with 3 Hours Preparation)

Venue Hire£300
Additional Hours£80



Additional Hours

At the discretion of the parties, if progress is being made to an agreement the mediation can be extended. For each part hour beyond the initial session the Mediator will charge £80 per hour.


Where the Mediator is required to travel over 20 miles to the Mediation Venue travel costs will be applied. Full details will be on the invoice furnished to the parties along with the agreement to mediate.

REMEMBER – the Costs are normally divided equally between the parties.


The Costs will be invoiced on receipt of signed Mediation Agreement and must be paid in FULL within 7 days of signing the agreement to mediate. Any additional costs must be paid in advance of the mediation day, where applicable.

Costs are Nett of VAT.

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